2012 Richard Morris Hunt Fellows Reunion

The American Architectural Foundation and French Heritage Society hosted the Richard Morris Hunt Fellows Reunion May 25-30, 2012, in Toulouse, France. Seventeen alumni Fellows took part in a five-day event featuring walking tours of Toulouse, Carcassone, and Albi as well as discussions about their latest projects and hot topics in historic preservation and the urban environment.

Bonita Mueller (RMHF 1992) kicked-off the conference with a public presentation about the National Park Service’s stewardship of historic sites, sponsored by the U.S. General Counsel in Toulouse. Round-table discussions took place at the reunion as well, with topics including how to preserve and rehabilitate historic monuments for their use in contemporary times, accessibility to historic sites, what is appropriate infill design in historic contexts, and how preservationists can best interface with other design disciplines to steward the built environment and the people it serves. Liz Newman (RMHF 1999) and Yves Deflandre (RMHF 1997) concluded the reunion with presentations highlighting global preservation projects focused on community development at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’ Architecture, Paris-Belleville.

The Hunt Fellowship is named for Richard Morris Hunt, the first American architect to study at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Its purpose is to introduce experienced preservation architects in the United States and France to innovative preservation practice and techniques in each other’s countries.

Click here to view the full list of Richard Morris Hunt Fellows.

Featured in the photo, clockwise from the bottom left: Wendy Hillis (RMHF 2007), Bonita Mueller (RMHF 1993), Isabelle Michard (RMHF Scholar 2012), Liz Newman (RMHF 1999), Liz Blazevich (RMHF U.S. Manager), Pascal Filatre (RMHF 1994), Bob Hotes (RMHF 2011), Vanessa Fernandez (RMHF 2010), Yves Deflandre (RMHF 1997).

Featured photo by Tina Roach (RMHF 2009).

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