New Report Highlights DC as Model for Walkable Places

Christopher Leinberger is a longtime colleague and friend of the American Architectural Foundation, having served most recently as a delegate and forum moderator at the National Mayors Summit on City Design.

Chris is President of LOCUS Responsible Real Estate Developers and Investors, a Non-Resident Senior Fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution, The Charles Bendit Distinguished Scholar and Research Professor at The George Washington University School of Business, and Founding Partner of Arcadia Land Company.

We are pleased to share his new report:

DC: The WalkUP Wake-UP Call
The Nation’s Capital As a National Model for Walkable Urban Places

From the author:  The next real estate cycle will be defined by the rise of Walkable Urban Places (WalkUPs) and the fall of sprawl development. Metropolitan Washington, DC, leads the nation in this trend.

In this report, Christopher Leinberger defines DC metro’s WalkUPs, ranks their economic performance and social equity, and discusses findings and implications for developers and society as a whole.

Download the report.

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