AAF’s Ron Bogle Presented on School Design at White House Summit on Next Gen High Schools

On Tuesday, November 10, the American Architectural Foundation (AAF) participated in the first-ever White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools. At the White House Summit, AAF’s President and CEO Ronald E. Bogle, Hon. AIA, presented on the role of design in learning and education.

Bogle’s presentation focused on how the school design process can enhance student achievement. His talk incorporated recommendations and strategies generated at AAF’s National Summit on School Design, held in Chicago November 6-8. At AAF’s Summit, architects and educators discussed ways to accelerate the transformation of today’s classrooms into 21st century learning environments that support and advance STEM education and personalized learning. The National Summit on School Design built upon AAF’s Design for Learning program, which currently is guiding 30 schools in six school districts across the country in the transformation of their schools. Through Design for Learning, AAF empowers educators to co- create and redesign learning spaces to meet their educational goals.

AAF’s President and CEO Ron Bogle, said, “Over the last decade, AAF has refined our approach to school design as one that incorporates disruption, design thinking, and change management. AAF is most grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the conversation with White House policy-makers and some of the nation’s most influential leaders.” He continued, “On the national level, school districts spend $14 billion annually to renovate, design, and build new facilities. If we are to create next generation schools, it is essential that educators have greater influence in co-creating the learning environments which support their educational vision.”

The White House Summit convened students, educators, philanthropists and entrepreneurs to envision 21st century high schools and how high school students might become empowered to advance their opportunities through innovative science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teaching and learning.

Follow AAF and the Twitter conversation on next generation high schools with the White House-created hashtag, #NextGenHS.

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