Thought Leadership Forum Series

The contemporary moment is a critical one for cultural heritage.

Many of our nation’s cultural and historic resources are at risk. Preservation positions and funding are being cut while the needs of built structures and collections grow. At the American Architectural Foundation, we are engaging leaders in the field from across various sectors through the Thought Leadership Forum Series to assess how to proceed in this current reality. At each forum, attendees discuss contemporary issues in design and preservation and how to best promote awareness of design and cultural heritage to the public.

We intend for this series to inspire solutions of how to commit America to the preservation of our history and its buildings, places, documents, and artistic inheritance.

Thought Leadership Forum Series

Thought Leadership Forum I: A 21st Century Dialogue about the Role of Craftsmen in Design, Preservation, and Sustainability, December 15, 2014

Thought Leadership Forum II: Storytelling, Design, and the Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century, July 20, 2015

Thought Leadership Forum III: The Politics and Policy of Preservation: Changing Civic Practice in the 21st Century, July 15, 2016


To learn more about future installments of this series, please contact Thom Minner at

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