Schools Designed for Learning: The Denver School of Science and Technology

Presented by the American Architectural Foundation, KnowledgeWorks Foundation, and Target, this video features the innovative Denver School of Science and Technology. The video will allow you and your community to be introduced to an exciting example of how the design of an educational facility can help promote student achievement.

For students at the Denver School of Science and Technology, learning takes place in an environment that is engaging, instructive, and comfortable. The building is an example of design supporting learning, and it provides spaces that are both flexible and inspiring. In addition, the school is outfitted with cutting edge technology—the building is a wireless environment, and each student works with a laptop computer. These students learn in new and exciting ways every day. It is truly a school that has been designed to promote student achievement, and you will see many examples of this powerful idea in the video.

“Schools Designed for Learning: The Denver School of Science and Technology,”  is a video case study that is paired with a resource guide providing further information, practical suggestions, and additional resources for viewers.


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