What can a Save America’s Treasures grant do for a community?

Listen below to Mechelle Lawrence Adams, Executive Director, Mission San Juan Capistrano, explain how receiving a Save America’s Treasures (SAT) grant in 2000 not only helped preserve the ruins of the Mission’s Great Stone Church but also enlivened this historic landmark and the downtown community.

Adams shares that SAT “allowed us to bring people onto these grounds and to pay attention to the human spirit of the past as stewards today”.  The “work that we do isn’t just about saving structures but is actually about saving the identity and the plan and the meaning of a community and a place”.

For the Mission, the Save America’s Treasures grant was an investment that engaged the community in bringing about inspiration, education, preservation, and celebration.  And perhaps most importantly of all, the return of the swallows to Capistrano!



To learn more about applying for a Save America’s Treasures matching grant, including grant application materials, is available on the grant program website:


Established in 1999, the Save America’s Treasures program is managed by the National Park Service, with the National Endowment Agencies, to preserve and protect nationally significant properties and collections for future generations of Americans. Stories of saving those treasures will be shared through partnership with the American Architectural Foundation.



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